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How to order


Why no online Shop?

We have no onlineshop. All prices on this site are just to your information. Ordering is only possible via email. This is important for us, because we produce no mass products and an intense contact to our customers is common.

How to order?

You can oder your razor here. Just specify which product you want to buy. In case of ordering a straight razor, a single blade or a razor kit with one of our configurators , just send us the filled in configurator. We will reply within 1-2 days, giving you a cost estimate including the exact shipping costs and an approximate production time. Only if you give us a positive reply your order is considered as placed.

What´s your shipping policy?

We ship worldwide with the austrian postal service.  If a destination is not possible, we will search for an appropriate alternative.

Prices depend on your place of residence. Normaly shipping within the EU costs about 16 Euro. Worlwide shipping goes from 20-30 Euro.

We will inform you about the exact shipping costs.  

What´s your production time?

This depends on the product you have ordered.

Equipment is usualy in stock and we deliver it within a week.

When serial razor models are in stock, they are also shipped within 1 week. If they are sold out, it will take about 3 weeks.

Production of customized razors may take  5-10 weeks.

I have ordered a customized razor. Can I change spezifications after ordering?

Normaly many changes can be done. We will always try our best. But please note that it may be impossible in some cases.

How to pay?

Payment is possible with paypal or bank transfer.