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Our new 7/8“ model Purist represents the reduction to the essentials. We wanted nothing to distract from the shaving experience.

The blade design is inspired by the famous „14“ blades but does also carry our personal signature, like the double shoulder and the smiling blade.  The fullhollow grind is made with a pronounced belly and allows an extremly close and smooth shave.

The mirror polish of the hollow ground makes cleaning easy and the polished forgestructure on the tang is very robust and forgiving.  

Like the historical „14“ blades, the blades are forged from Silversteel DIN 1.2210 and we harden them to about 62hrc.

The scales are made either out of black ebony, white ebony (persimon) or makassar ebony and have a black or white Juma wedge. The pins are made of nickelsilver washers and sterlingsilver pins.  

Price incl. 20% VAT 237 Euro