Straight razors
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Welcome to Koraat-Knives!
We are a small, austrian straight razor manufacture and are producing high quality, handmade razors.
The base for our straight razors are dropforged blanks made of Silversteel (DIN 1.2210) and bearing steel (DIN 1.3505). We let them forge at Solingen, Germany, in our own protected design. Further we offer straight razors made out of damascus steel. The damascus is so called „superclean“ damascus (DSC) produced by Balbach, Germany.

Beside the forging of the blanks, all other productionsteps are done at our shop. This includes the digital controlled hardening of each single blade, as well as the grinding, polishing, scale making and the final honing. We do only use high quality, meticulously selected materials in our manufacturing process.

If not otherwise agreed, all our razors are hardened to about 65 hrc. In our opinion, this is the perfect match between good honing properties, excellent sharpness and very long edge holding.

The video below, shows many of the working steps needed to produce our razors in a time lapse.

We are specialized on customized orders. Therefore we have created our „Razorconfigurator“. It offers you nearly endless possibilitys to create the razor of your dreams. If ever you miss any options or materials, please contact us.
Normally nearly everything is possible on request.

We also offer some serial razor models.  Rivets, strops and shaving soaps are also available.

All our products have the same quality standards, independant of the price. A low priced razor will shave as good as a high priced one.
All our straight razors are delivered absolutely shave ready.

We ship worlwide. Accepted payment methods: Bank transfer and paypal

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